Casino Rituals Around the World

Gambling is a game of chance and many gamblers practice superstitious rituals to increase their odds. These rituals might range from wearing lucky clothing or carrying around good luck charms in order to increase winning chances.

Have you crossed your fingers while gambling or are performing one of the many rituals intended to bring good fortune your way? These are among the more frequent practices performed to try to increase the odds in favor of luck and put her on your side.

Crossing Your Fingers

Though crossing your fingers might seem like an ancient superstition, its origins actually go back centuries before Christianity. Back then, people believed that good spirits resided at the intersection of the cross, so when making wishes or offering prayers to another person by crossing an index finger over another’s index finger allowed you to bring the wish closer to its fulfillment and increase its chances of coming true.

This gesture has also been used to conceal white lies or signal promises. Some even use it to show their respect toward others (though in Vietnam this gesture may be considered offensive).

Superstitions may still remain mysterious in how or why they work, but researchers have discovered that superstitions may help lower anxiety and boost confidence – both key elements for better performance. While more research needs to be conducted to support this assertion, this intriguing finding might explain why actors sometimes say “break a leg” instead of good luck or gamblers often chant, “Knock on wood”.

Knocking on Wood

Knocking on wood, the phrase typically used when touching some type of wooden object such as furniture or doorframe, and repeating “knock on wood” (or, more precisely, “touch wood”) in order to invoke some type of superstition is hard to deny. Regardless of one’s opinion, knocking is considered superstitious in many cultures and countries worldwide.

The roots of this superstition remain unclear. Some believe that its source lies in pagan beliefs that spirits lived in trees and that knocking on tree trunks could bring forth these spirits for protection, while others maintain that Christians distorted this heathenish practice into one that refers to Christ’s crosswood instead.

However, superstition still holds fast today. People often say “knock on wood” before sharing positive news or boasting of their success to avoid an unfortunate jinx and thus stay safe when speaking publicly about an upcoming event or achievement. So the next time your excited about an event or achievement be sure to say, “knock on some wood!”

Casting Your Dice After Your Partner Blows on It

Carrying around a rabbit’s foot is considered lucky in both Celtic and African American magical traditions, said to enable direct communication with gods and spirits as well as bring good fortune for all who see it.

Charms and rituals may provide a fun confidence-booster, or be used to show reverence for culture or traditions dear to you, yet casino luck ultimately relies on random number generators and the odds. To improve your odds in gambling, select games with lower house edges and use strategies to increase winnings.

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