Inside the Mind of a Casino Dealer

After working long enough in casinos, money becomes just paper and numbers; its true worth becomes its correct math value alone.

Casinos would like you to believe that their dealers have your best interests at heart; in reality, however, they have no interest in seeing you make sound gambling decisions because such decisions would reduce their bottom line.

Basic strategy

Casino dealers are individuals responsible for handling money, accepting bets, dealing cards and providing payouts to winners. Furthermore, they must manage players, other dealers and supervisors while filtering out noise to focus on their work without distraction. They must also accept criticism with grace while responding quickly.

Basic strategy in blackjack refers to a set of decisions which are mathematically most advantageous, and can help increase confidence when playing the game. While not guaranteed to work 100% of the time, basic strategy will likely outshone any decision your opponent may take.

Many casinos encourage dealers to keep tables full so they can complete more hands per hour and generate greater profits. Dealers may give advice such as telling players when the dealer has seven that may harm them; this creates the appearance that the casino is acting in players’ best interests.

Rules of conduct

Casino dealers face the strain and stress of an intense job. Along with dealing cards and taking bets, they must monitor suspicious behavior to ensure casino rules are not broken. To maintain concentration and ensure customer service is not interrupted by noise and distractions. They must possess outstanding math skills as well as be quick-thinkers; vocational schools or community colleges often provide programs teaching table gaming mechanics.

While it is essential for dealers to abide by the rules of conduct, they should still be engaging and fun people. Engaging in friendly banter with players at the table creates an enjoyable gaming experience and helps dealers secure more tips. However, dealers should avoid becoming too close with players as this could lead to unwanted behavior from those familiar with them – changing dealers throughout the night helps avoid this from occurring and can keep players from becoming acquainted with certain quirks and habits of a single dealer.

Payout percentages

Though casino dealers certainly do not enjoy an ideal job – their base pay may not be impressive and they often deal with intoxicated punters – they do get to travel, enjoy flexible hours, and earn good tips. Furthermore, casino dealers strive hard to create an environment in which winning can still occur by smiling, making small talk, and inspiring hope even when odds seem stacked against them.

A skilled dealer knows how to maintain their composure even during heated confrontations, while they remain adept at dealing with even the most demanding players. With experience comes greater proficiency at providing change, calculating complex payouts and turning cash chips into colored chips.

However, they still must keep an eye out for cheats – any attempt at fraud by players will prompt an immediate stop of play and will be swiftly dealt with by inspectors – thus leaving no chance for anything to slip by unnoticed. According to research from University of Saint Joseph’s study on casino dealers compared with other employees they may feel less successful with their careers than expected.


One of the best ways to become an excellent dealer is to gain experience working at various casinos. Working there will enable you to learn new games while meeting various customers – and develop customer service skills at once! With enough practice under your belt, becoming a casino dealer could earn you significant earnings!

Although dealers do not receive any cut of your winnings, they make every attempt to provide hope. When you arrive, they welcome and chat to create the illusion that this could be your lucky day; when losses occur they blame it all on chance; therefore it’s essential only gambling with money you can afford to lose, never taking out frustration on dealers as this could escalate quickly into confrontational behavior and worse. Also it would be prudent to practice basic table etiquette at each table you visit.

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