David Luiz to be BC.GAME’s Official Brand Ambassador

Flamengo’s David Luiz Is The Newest BC.GAME Ambassador

BC.GAME just recently included sports betting in its gaming portfolio. It happens to be Brazil’s favorite gambling activity, and its growing number of gamblers are enjoying the benefits of convenience, security, and transparency from cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Opportunities to Look Out For

David Luiz is one of the most prominent football players in Brazil today. As BC.GAME’s new ambassador, his association with the platform is expected to bring more audience and sports bettors.

BC.GAME’s entry into the gambling industry of Brazil will open opportunities for sports bettors and football fans to participate in different promotions and sports betting events. Luiz will be connecting with the crypto-gambling community through social media platforms and live-streaming sites like Twitch. With this, he will be able to bring the football community to engage with crypto casinos.

Motivating People to Gamble

Gambling can be exciting because of the games and the chances of winning. Players can use their skills and strategies to win in different casino games. In addition to that, the involvement of cryptocurrency and the internet has made it even more interesting.

Despite the large possibility of losing money, many players are still gambling because it is fun and can relieve boredom. It can also relieve stress for some because of the excitement and stimulation it provides. It is also a good time for socializing, whether it is done online or at a physical casino

Learn More About David Luiz

David Luiz is a professional football player from Flamengo Rowing Club in Brazil. His international career started in 2010 when he played for Brazil. Aside from international matches, he also played in different domestic competitions in French football.

Luiz has won several awards, including LPFP Primeira Liga Player of the Year, Premier League Player of the Month, and FIFA World Cup Silver Ball.

What is BC.GAME?

BC.GAME is a crypto gambling platform that caters to players across the globe. It has a 24/7 live chat feature for anyone who will need customer service assistance from different time zones. The platform offers a wide range of casino games, live tables, and sports betting. BC.GAME is available in different languages to cater to any player.

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